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About UK Study Visas

If you are looking to study in UK, obtaining a Student Visa will allow you to do this. The Tier 4 Student Visa is for adult students looking to study long-term whereas the Student Visitor Visa covers shorter periods of study.

There are several different types of Study Visa which you can apply for. If you are looking to study within a UK Educational Institution, for any period longer than six months, you may apply for a Tier 4 General Visa. Alternatively, if your course of study runs for six months or less, you can apply for a Student Visitor Visa.

How can we help?

We have helped many students get study visas and we can help you do the same. Our team of immigration lawyers will assess and advise on your eligibility for a UK Student Visa under the UK Immigration rules.

We will professionally compile the required documentary evidence, complete the necessary paperwork and design a Letter of Representation in support of your visa application. Your tailored Letter of Representation will specify the merits of your case, reference supporting documentation and cite relevant law, all in support of your case. We will also liaise with your university/institution and the Home Office until a decision has been made.

If you’re ready to take the first steps to study in UK, get in touch with our team using our online enquiry form or by calling us at +91 90 2333 2333.

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Talk to our expert advisers who possess wide range of knowledge on UK University admissions and study visas. We are available 24/365


Our immigration experts will run a free assessment and advise you options and eligibility to apply a UK study visa


We will advise, support and prepare your UK study visa and university applications on your behalf.

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Chat with our expert advisors 24/7 who will help you choose the visa that most suitable for your sutiation.

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Recent reviews

I contacted Reo Visa team for my Tier 4 study application. They helped so much for my university sponsorship and visa application. It was very great experience overall.

Anitha K

( UK Tier 2 Student Visa )

Reo Visa team is very helpful as they gave me different options to study in the UK based on my qualifications. Their team from UK gave me a training on IELTS which was also very helpful.

I'm also being notified of my application status from time to time.

Praveen J

( UK Tier 2 Student Visa )