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How to settle in Canada?

Canada is one of the top 10 economies in the world, the fastest growing economy of all G7 countries.
This guarantees a constant demand for well talented people like you.
Home of global hi-tech corporations, with flourishing oil & gas and financial industries and well developed education, health and service sectors, the country offers a wealth of exciting career opportunities in every field.

Canada attracts huge number of migrants in the country annually. The People in search of work, quality education, business opportunity and leisure time, travel to Canada every year. Canada is known to be an immigration friendly country with the most organised point based system for Immigration. If you wish to come and settle in Canada you would require to applying through one of the points based immigration programs of Canada, i.e.

You would first need to create an online profile and fill the online application form to apply to any of the programs. However, for most of the PNPs, you have to apply in both Express Entry and PNP simultaneously, as PNPs most often choose candidates from Express Entry Pool only.

How to settle permanently in Canada?

If you are looking to settle permanently in Canada, the Federal Express Entry System and QSWP (Quebec Skilled Workers Program) are two of the best immigration programs available for you. These are online point based immigration programs that select the candidates based on the immigration points scored by them. Both these programs, i.e. Express Entry System and QSWP offer permanent residency in Canada to the selected applicants.

The Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP) is one of such programs which let you in Canada without any job offer from Canadian employer or any monitory requirement (apart from the visa fee). Otherwise, the requirement of money for Canada settlement is thoroughly depends on the type of immigration program or visa category you are applying to.

How can Reo Visa help?

At Reo Visa, we have a whole team of immigration lawyers who can help you towards your goal to settle in Canada. An expert immigration adviser can work one-on-one with you to assess your options and eligibility.

We will guide you through your entire visa application process. If it is applicable, this will include checking your Canada Sponsor’s status, arranging and obtaining your Certificate of Sponsorship from them. One of our lawyers will also devise a Letter of Recommendation for your case to be sent with your application. Contact us now on 902333 2333 or use our online contact form to speak with an immigration lawyer about your Canada work options.

For more information on the different visa options to settle in Canada, please chat with us.

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