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A Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) is necessary if you are applying for Tier 2 Visa . Your UK employer must hold a valid Sponsorship Licence to apply for the Certificate of Sponsorship for you.

The CoS must be applied once the job offer has been made to you. Your employer must include information about your role and salary on the application. If there is a discrepancy between the CoS and the actual job, their Sponsor Licence may be suspended.

The government issues two types of Certificate of Sponsorship – Restricted and Unrestricted. The Restricted CoS has a limit of 20,700 each year so applications must be done correctly the first time to ensure you get the CoS on time.

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Our highly-qualified immigration consultants can help you apply for a Certificate of Sponsorship. We offer services to help your employer with applying for a Sponsor Licence, as well as consultancy services to make sure their sponsor duties are followed. To find out more about our services, or for advice on your circumstances, contact us today by calling +91 90 2333 2333 or make an enquiry online.


What does the Certificate of Sponsorship cost?

The cost of the Certificate of Sponsorship for Tier 2 is £199

Your employer may also have to pay the ‘immigration skills charge.

What is a Certificate of Sponsorship?

The Certificate of Sponsorship is not a physical document, it is an electric record. Each CoS has an individual number that must be included with an application for a Tier 2.

It is a necessary document for most applications to work legally in the UK.

There are two types of Certificate of Sponsorship. An Unrestricted CoS is for workers entering the UK to earn more than £159,000 per year or changing the sponsor within UK. A Restricted CoS is for those who earn less than this and apply from outside UK.

The Restricted CoS has a limit of 20,700 each year. Ensuring your application is to the highest standard the first time is crucial.

Who needs a Certificate of Sponsorship?

The CoS is necessary for all Tier 2 Visa applicants.

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