Welcome to Reo Visa and Immigration

About Reo Visa and Immigration

At Reo Visa and Immigration, we are proud to offer dedicated, professional and high-quality service to each and every client.

With our offices located in Bangalore, India and London, UK, our services are within easy reach, no matter where you are based. We are dedicated to ensuring that all our clients receive the same high-standard of legal advice. As a result, we provide advice and guidance over the phone, or via Skype, if you are out-of-country or unable to meet in person.

We can help you whether you are planning to work, study or settle abroad.Our aim is to eliminate your stress and maximise your chances of a successful outcome with any application or appeal you make.

Our Mision

Our aim is to be recognised as the leading provider of immigration advice and representation in India and UK, committed to excellence and quality, the champion of justice and equality, exceeding our client’s expectations in all the services we provide.

Who we are

At Reo Visa and Immigration, our values are what truly set us apart. We work directly with specialist immigration lawyers and advisers who have decades of experience in all areas of immigration law and are specifically selected for their commitment to immigration.

Many of our clients come to us through a recommendation from family, friends, colleagues or organisations that have used our services and have been highly satisfied with our assistance.

Why Reo Visa and Immigration?

We uphold the belief that everyone should be entitled to sound, professional immigration advice, and we endeavour to make sure that this is the case through a core set of principles.

We also understand our clients needs that’s why we developed innovative and very powerful apps with cutting-edge technology combined with artificial intelligence which help our clients improve chances of securing jobs abroad significantly.







Meet Our Team

Showkath Marripadu

Managing Director is responsible for all operations and spearheading the transformation of technology to bring in revolution into the overseas job assistance first time ever in India.

Mehtaj Shaik

Executive Director, responsible for a wide range of functions, including assigning immigration experts, mentoring software development and customer service teams to deliver excellent service all the time.